Scholarship Winners 2017/2018

Scholarship Winners 2017/2018

The DLA Foundation is pleased to announce the 32 DLA Foundation scholarships that have been awarded to close family members of current or retired civilian or military employees of the Defense Logistics Agency.

The 32 awardees for the 2017/2018 scholastic year, and their close family members, are:

DLA Foundation Scholarship

Recipient Family Member's Name DLA Organization
Austin Abrams Mark A. Abrams DLA Distrbution
Micah Almas Esther Almas DLA Human Resources
Mark Anastos Captain Ernest George Anastos Defense General Supply Center Richmond
Gary Banks Julia Scott DLA Information Operations
NicoletteDee Bonjoc Resty Ponce-Bonjoc DLA Distribution
Lisa Dube Lora Dube Defense Logistics Information Services
Jenna Gales Steven Gales DLA Installation Support
Myron Goldsmith Stephanie Goldsmith DLA Land & Maritime
Jayne Grabowski Carly Grabowski DLA Troop Support
Jacqueline Greene Annette M. Greene DLA Disposition
Julianne Griffin Robert Griffin/Laurie Griffin DLA Troop Support
Andrew Herring Daniel L. Herring DLA Distribution
Parker Lambert Robert Lee Glenn DLA Land & Maritime
Dayton Lee Calvin Lee DLA Installation Support
Deion Long Darren Long DLA Troop Support
Holly Martin Mary R. Martin DLA Troop Support
Claire McClintick Karen McClintick DLA General Counsel
Julian Mercado Erica Mercado DLA Distribution
Elana Oleinick Lewis Oleinick DLA General Counsel
Jennifer Patrick David Patrick DLA Land & Maritime
Jessica Patrick David Patrick DLA Land & Maritime
Hannah Phillips Timothy L. Phillips DLA Logistics Support
Sarah Robbins Edward Case DLA Office of the Director
Abilene Schiefer Candis Schiefer/Robert Hackett DLA Aviation/DLA Information Operations
Emily Seay Ellett Daniel Seay DLA Energy
Vladimir Shluharchuk Viktor Shluharchuk DLA Distribution
Nicholas Sikes Robert M. Sikes DLA Aviation 
Matthew Sweere Kenneth H. Fielding DLA Information Operations
Heather Tucker Margaret Morbitzer DLA Land & Maritime
Samantha Webster Michael Webster DLA Installation Support

MG Henry Award

Recipient Family Member's Name DLA Organization
McKala Taylor Thomas Taylor DLA Land & Maritime

DLA Foundation Scholarship In Honor of Frank Lotts

Recipient Family Member's Name DLA Organization
Aimee Ng Maria Q. Ng DLA Energy

All scholarship recipients were notified via email and checks for their scholarship amounts are being sent to their educational institutions. Applicants not awarded scholarships were also notified via email.

Congratulations to the 2017/2018 Scholarship Winners!